• Video Distribution

    Many homeowners elect to mount a TV above the fireplace. With the newer HDTVs being so thin and stylish, they able to blend in well with almost any décor; unfortunately the same cannot be said of the Blu-Ray player, cable box, and media player. AVF can install a system that allows you to place the electronics out of sight and out of mind. Please contact AVF to see how we can make your life better.

  • TV Installation & Mounting

    While the new HDTV are getting lighter and larger, they are also getting much thinner. It is not uncommon for a TV to be damaged during installation/ Other important things to consider during installation are safety, security, cabling, and power. AVF is trained and equipped to deal with all of these issues. Please contact AVF to see how we can make your life better.

Video Distribution
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What are our customers saying?
  • Manny and Jim provided great service in installing security surveillance cameras for our home. We are very pleased with their work. We were shopping around for a quote from an experienced installer that fits our budget and their quote for the project beat the rest. They came on time for the install and finished the job as told. They gave us a detailed training on the equipment. These guys know what they are doing. We feel more secure now that the system is up and running. Thank you AV Folks. We would highly recommend them to any one who is looking for an experienced installer.

    Mr and Mrs.Maheswar Marepalli

  • I have known Jim Posey for over 17 years, He did all the electronic on the home we built in 2000. How thrilled we were to find him recently and that he lives not far away. He is definitely the go-to guy for alarms, entertainment centers, music, telephones and almost any other things to do with wiring. I recommend him to everyone I know. His rates are reasonable, his work perfect, and you can depend on him to come when he says he will.

    Mrs.Nett Brown